40 Years’ Experience of School Business Support

Why invest time in the business function?

A great business function helps great teachers make great schools.

I specialise in support for the business function of a school. Whilst this is a new consultancy I have had many years working in schools as bursar and with schools as the School Business Support Manager in City of York local authority.

My approach is to provide services founded on effective relationships and a full understanding of my clients’ required outcomes.

Ask yourself these questions

  • When was the last time you gave any thought to the efficiency and effectiveness of your school’s business function and the way it supports learning?
  • Are you “doing it” the way you have always “done it”?
  • Are you spending more or less than you need to in this area of your school?
  • What needs improving?  How would you know?
  • If you are considering setting up a formal structure for a group of schools, e.g. Multi Academy Trust, federation, should you consider combining the back offices into one efficient structure?
  • Are you one of a group of headteachers wanting to collaborate to deliver efficiencies?

I can help you answer these questions and support you with a range of strategies. For example:

  • a back office review and/or reorganisation, particularly useful for headteachers new to a school and for MATs and federations.
  • Supporting school leaders including governors with the creation of leadership interview content and business support training.

This is a flavour of the support I can provide not a comprehensive list.  If you have something to discuss do get in touch.  Let us meet soon so I can help you assess and improve your school’s business function.

You can also talk to me about  how I can share my experience of being made a Member of the Order of the British Empire and the British values which underpin British life with your pupils/students.


I will work with you to identify a long term or overall aim and design a plan of action to deliver it.  I am a “fresh pair of eyes” that can objectively seek out the problems and identify solutions with you.


I can quantify the resource requirements to deliver the plan and cost it to ensure that budget, materials, training, staff, etc, are affordable and available to deliver your vision.


I will set out recommendations in my report for delivering your project’s aims.  These may relate to new structures, improved processes and changed behaviours.


I can discuss the plan with SLT and/or governors, and work with you and your staff to deliver its agreed  outcomes in an objective manner. Other discussions could be held with key professionals, e.g. HR adviser.

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