Hello, my name is Linda and I am using my life experiences, which I have summarised below, to support schools. 

The need to make every second count for pupils and the high profile political nature of education requires a mind set that is open to change, diversity and a requirement for constant learning either formally in a classroom or through experiences “on the job”.  Consequently, I have had a very long apprenticeship in school life, particularly around school business management.  I hope you agree that I have the credentials required to support you.

New Year’s Honour

The 2005 New Year’s Honours list announced I had been made a Member of the Order of the British Empire for my work in education.  This is a great honour and a humbling experience.

I have worked

  • in schools and with schools via the LA since 1971;
  • as bursar, peripatetic bursar, finance officer and as a senior manager;
  • Supporting governors with activities and interviews for headship posts;
  • Supporting school admin and finance staff with systems and processes;

SBM Development

  • two government funded pilot SBM services;
  • to promote the understanding of the SBM role;
  • explored how shared SBM services could be effective and affordable in small schools;
  • joined the government’s national Bursar Development Group;

Senior Manager

  • developed traded service from finance to business;
  • delivered the council’s statutory duty for challenging schools’ budgets;
  • provided guidance, training and support for schools and the LA, and discussing issues at school level;
  • a wide ranging role regarding the life of the council, and school business and finance;


  • Cert.Ed (PCET) and MSc Multimedia and eLearning;
  • member of the Wakefield Handball team, British Champions 1981;
  • we planned, helped design and build our own home in 1993 – very rewarding;
  • I enjoy crafts, particularly making cot quilts for my two grand children;

I always believed, no matter what work I was doing, that the better I was at my job the more invisible it was to the headteacher.

Headteachers need all the time they can muster to lead the school and drive improvement.  The business function must work in the background to ensure that resources are available and fit for purpose when they are needed.  I can help you get there.

What I Do   

My commitment is to help you deliver a strong business function that contributes to improving outcomes for children and young people.

I work mainly in the North of England due to word of mouth recommendations. I am prepared to travel nationwide to support you.

Where I Work   

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